Face Your Obstacles and Transform Old Patterns - Enneagram Exploration Group

Face Your Obstacles and Transform Old Patterns 

An Enneagram Group for Sincere Seekers

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

– Anaïs Nin

  • Are you eager to step into the next season of your growth?  
  • Do you feel ready to make important changes, but struggle to do so on your own?
  • Are you willing to look with courage at what’s in the way of your flourishing?
  • Would you benefit from high quality companions and expert guidance in facing your inner obstacles?
  • Are you sick of the limitations of your Enneagram style and ready to find more satisfying ways of thinking, relating and behaving?
  • Are you willing to show up for yourself as you move toward your full potential?

FLOURISH is a twelve-month journey designed to give you the support, guidance and structure to develop in key areas of your life and personality.  

Maybe the way you show up in relationships keeps confounding you.

Maybe your inner stories stop you from going for what you really want.

Maybe you keep reacting to situations in a contracted, limiting way.

FLOURISH is an intimate community of sincere seekers who not only want to up their own game, but are willing to be there for one another so we can all move toward our best selves.

If you love the wisdom of the Enneagram and are feeling ripe for integrating your insights into your daily life, this group will be a potent catalyst for your process.  Having its structure and connection to support your intention to grow will magnify what’s possible and give traction in ways it’s impossible to find alone.

As a members of FLOURISH, you will both learn deeply from others and receive individualized coaching and guidance for your unique path.  Expert guidance and community support will help you transform automatic patterns into more satisfying ways of living and relating.

In addition to personalized attention related to your personal goals, this community will offer you many experiential opportunities to challenge yourself to grow.  Opportunities to use and develop all three of your centers of intelligence:  body, heart and mind will be many.

Are you ready to give yourself this robust, high-quality support to transform your old patterns? 

Frequently Asked Questions

Folks can apply to be members, and those who seem ready will book an initial conversation with Sarah to make sure it’s a good fit in both directions.  

We really want high-caliber participants who are committed and willing to engage so that everyone has the best experience and outcomes possible.  Total membership will be limited to 6-8 participants.  

This year-long group includes:

  • Monthly 2 hour group session with spotlighted individual coaching 
  • Monthly targeted video teachings tailored to group’s themes
  • Monthly (or more frequent if desired) meetings with learning partners
  • Online community for resources and ongoing learning in between meetings

The time and attention you are able to invest will directly influence the level of benefit you receive from this process.  That said, aside from the monthly group meetings and at least one monthly 30-60 minute meeting with your learning partner, the time commitment is flexible.  Many of the suggested exercises can be done in the ordinary course of daily living.

In order for this group to benefit you most, there will be some preparation work to clarify your learning goals, and some deepening activities offered during the month of practice time.  

If you are able to apply your full attention and intention, you can expect significant results.  Because each individual’s goals and obstacles are unique, the results will of course be individual too.  

You will be guided to create reachable targets and coached about intermediary steps that will support your development to your next level of growth and mastery.  

Personality styles are very deeply rooted, and aren’t removable. However, our full potential is far beyond our enneagram patterns, and if your whole self is ready to engage seriously in transforming old, limiting patterns, you will be able to do so.

The format of this group will be online. Our meetings will be held live and recordings will be available for revisiting content.  Relevant content offered between meetings by video will be available on my learning platform that you will join as a member.

While not everyone is personally comfortable in groups, almost everyone who participates gets added benefit and personal learning from engaging in learning in the context of community.  

Enneagram learning in particular is very well suited to group settings, since part of what helps us learn more about ourselves is the ways in which we are similar and different from the other eight enneatypes.  

In the Narrative Enneagram tradition, with which I’m a certified teacher, there is a deep respect for the richness of understanding that can come from hearing directly from the experiences of each Enneagram type from their own experience.  In groups we often find that what others are learning can illuminate our own themes, or at least gives us more compassion for others in our lives who see the world differently than we do.  Also, group members can be outstanding resources for one another on the journey.

Group learning also brings out different reactions in ourselves and new self-awareness, and it is an arena in which to practice our learning in real time.  It can reflect to us aspects of ourselves we can keep hidden or controlled in one-to-one settings.

Safe, caring, conscious groups can be an ideal place to practice doing things differently.  What happens in groups can inadvertently push our buttons at times— and this can be a helpful thing too if we’re interested in developing into more resilient and capable human beings.

Perhaps most importantly, it is priceless to have fellow travelers on the journey who care about personal development, who are passionate about the Enneagram, and who co-create a field in which we can keep ourselves awake, accountable and compassionate in the learning process.  

Community helps create a vehicle for our growth—  a supportive place to renew and refresh our insights and to cross-pollinate our perspectives.

It also happens to be far more affordable than individual and one-on-one approaches.

** All this said, if you have significant unresolved traumas, active deep grief or behaviors that interrupt your being present and engaged (addictions, impulse control, emotional dysregulation, etc.), you will likely want to address these first so that you can get the full benefit from the group.  In cases like these, regular individual work and/or in-depth in-person programs may be a more appropriate support.

The planned dates are as follows:

2022:  May 5, June 2, June 30, Aug 11, Sept 8, Oct 13, Nov 17, Dec 15

2023:  Jan 12, Feb 9, Mar 9, April 13

If several members have a conflict, it may be possible to shift a date with notice.  Recordings will be available for review if you have to miss a session

The time will be Thursdays from 3:30-5:30pm Pacific Time.

The fee for this year-long learning community is $1800.  Over twelve months, this equals $150 per month, a fee which is more affordable than a single 1-hour private coaching session with me.  

Group learning is not only more affordable than one-on-one learning, it can also be more effective in many ways (see “How Do I Know If Group Learning Is Right For Me?” above).

You may either pay the full amount at the beginning (with an effective savings of $120), or you may pay monthly (with a $10 service fee per month).

Before committing, you and I will have a screening conversation about what the program involves and whether you are well-supported and ready to join in at this time. 

While there is no guarantee of particular outcomes in this year-long journey, if you are truly not benefitting from this program, we can discuss your leaving and a partial refund.

If you’re not sure if you’re ready for doing significant, direct personal work in a group setting, you may want to start with my six month group, WALK THE PATH – Manage Reactivity and Open to Your Best Self, which lays a great foundation for working with your type and learning from others’ journeys.

This group is for you if:

  • You want to learn to actively apply insights about your enneatype to your daily life
  • You understand the benefit of regular support and community in the growth process
  • Despite your good intentions, it’s hard to break out of your trance or do something different
  • You feel your soul’s potential, but find yourself repeating old patterns
  • You’re willing to show up for the discomfort and mystery in the process of transformation
  • You have a solid understanding of the Enneagram and key aspects of your type
  • You’re willing to take tolerable risks for the sake of growth
  • The status quo isn’t cutting it anymore— life seems to be requiring your development
  • You want more than information and insight.  You want practices and experiences that help you do life differently.
  • You are willing to invest in learning to lean into your deep self.  You are ready to dig in, pay attention and give it your best

This group is NOT for you if:

  • You want to simply gather more content and insight about the Enneagram.
    • You will learn content, but the intent in this group is focused toward application and transformation
  • You want to stay aloof or entirely safe while learning in group
    • The nature of this work can include vulnerable and challenging moments.  That’s often where the threshold of change is felt
  • You’re new to the Enneagram and are happy to affirm your type identity in new ways
    • This group assumes that you’re in touch with some of the ways in which your type causes you trouble or gets in the way of your full potential
  • You believe you can shift your experience of your enneatype on your own
    • There are lots of ways to learn on our own, but learning in community can catalyze potent and surprising changes.  
  • You’re too busy to pay attention to your experience during the day
    • While there is not a steep time requirement, folks will benefit most from this group when committed to working with their themes between meetings.  Where attention goes, energy follows.

To apply for Flourish, email [email protected] to set up a time to discuss your fit for the group.

No payment required until you are accepted.

Note: This program is currently underway; please get in touch to get on the list to be informed of future opportunities.