A Group for Enneagram Enthusiasts Ready to Walk the Talk

Are you someone who understands the power of the Enneagram’s insights and would like support in applying this wisdom in your daily life? 

We don’t usually loosen the grip of our type by ourselves. Let’s join together and help you understand your habitual lens and how to open to new ways of responding in your life. 

To actively engage your learning on this path of great insight and possibility, CAPACITY will give you access to expert guidance, meaningful community, and practical approaches.

  • Practice essential tools that will allow you to apply insight of the Enneagram
  • Discover key practices of awareness, self-compassion, self-regulation and conscious conduct.
  • Develop inner support and resilience in the face of your type-reactions
  • Find ways to turn toward your “stuck” places and free up new pathways
  • Use your 3 centers of intelligence to navigate uncomfortable territory with   skill 
  • Transform your a-ha’s into applied wisdom
  • Manage your reactivity with grace and open to your best self

You should have a good foundation in the essentials of the Enneagram system to join this group. However, the teachings will be focused on learning universal approaches to applying the Enneagram’s insights in our daily lives using our three centers of intelligence.


We will have two one-hour-long live Zoom meetings per month, and you will meet with your learning partner twice or more per month.  Time commitment is a minimum of about two hours per week. 

Our weeks will generally flow as follows:

A – Meeting with Sarah for teaching, exercises, deepening opportunities. 

      Daily application/practice on your own

B  – Video teaching from Sarah supporting your practice

      Meet with learning partner to apply learning and practice skills 

      Daily application/practice on your own

C – Meeting with Sarah for Q&A, application of learning  

      Daily application/practice on your own

D – Meet with learning partner to apply learning and practice skills

      Daily application/practice on your own


Two Mondays per month 3:30-4:30pm Pacific Time

Six months – June to November 2023

$800 (your monthly cost = less than 1 therapy session per month) 


Planned dates:  

June 5 &19,  July 10 & 31,  August 14 & 28, 

September 11 & 25, October 16 &30, November (6 or 13) & 27