Enneagram Training & Consulting

Ninesight can help your organization or business develop more self-aware and effective leaders and group members.  We offer trainings and consultation using the lens of the Enneagram to help better manage conflict, increase effective communication, and illuminate the diverse gifts brought by differing points of view.

Sarah Dimock Enneagram Training

Why The Enneagram?

Much of the trouble in the workplace has to do with difficult relationships.  The Enneagram is a meta-tool which can enhance healthy interactions at all levels of an organization.  It supports leadership and group development, management effectiveness, employee satisfaction and retention, conflict resolution, giving and receiving feedback, appreciation of diversity, and respectful communication.  It can also help organizations examine how to more effectively pursue their goals.

Different types of people need different kinds of management.  The Enneagram helps managers learn specific approaches to motivate, support, and give feedback to different types of people.  It also help them to see clearly their blind spots, and how best to leverage their strengths.

We all want to feel useful, valued, and appreciated for what we bring to a group.  The Enneagram illuminates how each type of person has innate abilities that are essential to the well-being of the company, and how to best bring those gifts.  It can also help indicate best placement of individuals according to their strengths, helping them reach their highest potential.

The Enneagram is unique among other systems that help us understand personality types in important ways.  The Enneagram not only maps out sophisticated portraits of nine different styles of relating to the world, it is unique in its ability to explain the core motivation behind these styles.  In revealing these underlying premises of the types, it outlines how each type approaches the world, how each pursues goals, what communication styles are most likely to access each one’s strengths instead of defenses, and how each reacts to stress and conflict.

  • When we know our own and others’ motivations, we have already come a significant way toward resolution.
  • When we understand our biases and our blind spots, we are much more able to address them.
  • When individuals are freed up from their habitual ways of thinking and behaving, any group they are a part of benefits.

Using the Enneagram, we can brilliantly unpack what is underneath ineffective relationships, and pave the way for understanding, cooperation and out-of-the box thinking.

From large corporations to small community groups, the Enneagram is proving to be extremely useful.  Some well-known companies who have used the Enneagram include:  Adobe, AT&T, Boeing, DuPont, e-Bay, General Motors, General Mills, Kodak, Hewlett Packard, Toyota, Procter & Gamble, Motorola, Prudential Insurance, Sony, Conoco-Philips and the CIA. Ninesight’s trainings are well suited to corporations, non-profit organizations, educational and spiritual communities.

We tailor our work to help you meet your objectives.  We offer a range of services to meet your organization’s unique needs.

Our seminars can bring tremendous awareness and potential change to managers and to groups. 

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