I am a kind of an inner-life warrior and I heartily endorse Sarah as a coach.

I think everyone could benefit from working with Sarah, especially counselors and Enneagram teachers or anyone into growth work of any kind. Too bad there aren’t more Sarahs.

Sarah’s questions make me think and feel more deeply about what I have just disclosed. Her notes help me reflect and work further on what we have discussed.

Sarah is gifted in taking me where I have not yet gone and might not if left on my own. I love how non-judgmental she is, and her support for telling the truth in difficult circumstances.

Her probing has been consistently gentle, and I have been very pleased with the results, e.g., a decision limiting the immediate focus of my work, support in my current mission, directions for marketing myself, and at least three pieces of professional writing, etc.

John Amos, JCD, STL, MDiv
Canon Lawyer and Riso-Hudson Certified Enneagram Teacher

I have been “working” on myself for 25 years. I have tried all manner of spiritual disciplines and traditions. I have worked with a variety of practitioners and psychotherapists. If you are looking for someone to do deep, effective and transformative work, look no further than Sarah Dimock.

Quinn F

Working with you has been positively lifechanging. I’ve been to and around a number of different types of therapists, and IMHO, you are the best dang therapist in the whole wide world!  

I feel far more ‘integrated’ than ever before, in a way that is difficult to put into words, but is extremely powerful, and lasting. I feel clearer and more capable of tapping into my truest self. I am able to hold the immensity of feeling and life challenges in a stronger way that is less overwhelming than before.

I really like the experiential nature of your guidance. I have gained valuable insight about my way of being, which sheds light on my innate tendencies and patterns of behaviour, and then provides a kind of roadmap to navigate current challenges as well as enlightenment about relationships between myself and others. 

I feel heard, understood, and tended to by you, and have profound gratitude for your presence, professionalism, compassion, intelligence, strength and wisdom. Not only are you gifted in this work, you are always thoughtful, kind and attentive to my needs in the best possible way. I always feel calmer, clearer, and stronger after a session with you, despite where I am on my journey towards balance and healing.

Working with you, I’ve discovered something about the nature of Love, and its infinite realm of nourishment that exists all around us at all times and which we each have the capacity to tap into. 

I’ve also learned how my limiting beliefs were just things I was taught, but which are not in any way Truths to live by. I’ve also been shown how the dismantling of such limiting beliefs is extremely healing and liberating. To have been guided through these revelations in your supportive presence at a rate that I can graciously assimilate is something I appreciate beyond measure.

I would recommend you to someone who is eager for learning, and open to discovery and transformation; someone with an interest in doing deeply healing work, who is willing to unpack their baggage and delve into powerful, transformative work that requires intention as well as vulnerability.

I appreciate that you are able to tell me the truth, without sugarcoating it. You have the sensitivity to confront me in ways that are absorbable and not too devastating. I can then build upon that body of truth and knowledge, as ballast in my mind/heart/body, helping me navigate the choppy waters that I’m in the midst of.

I am eternally grateful for having found you.


Never having been to “couple’s counseling” before, we were a bit fearful of the process.  T. was dubious of committing to the enneagram or “a method.”

Sarah was able to help us “translate” what each of our types are trying to express to each other. She helped us to interrupt our patterns so that we can move forward with better communication.

Through this, we’ve been able to ground ourselves in our strengths, and more easily forgive our weaknesses while we learn to share ourselves with each other more openly.

We’ve found a greater awareness of patterns that don’t always serve our relationship well. We’ve also recognized how our individual patterns or “our types” can impact each other and the relationship. 

We’ve learned that sometimes it simply just takes a moment of grounding to come back to the heart of the relationship. We’ve seen how relationship with each other is a mirror for our individual selves, and that in relationship we can grow to become the people we are meant to be.

We would recommend Sarah to anyone who feels stuck in patterns of behavior.  She is warm, thoughtful, encouraging, and a skilled listener.

L J and T C

Working with you has been one of the most valuable experiences of my life. When I think about the teachers/mentors I’ve had for whom I have reverence, you’re among those handful of people because you have changed, in a significant way, how I want to be in this world.

I found your flexibility and range in conversations to be helpful. Your sense of humor was a great balance to the earnestness you showed…. there was rarely a moment when you were not present with me. You seemed to know when to push me and when to not. Most of all, I’m thankful you’ve engaged me in what has become as much a spiritual practice and journey as a mental one.


You are an active listener who offered insight that was truly valuable. Many counselors simply listen, reflecting back what was said but adding nothing of value besides an open space. Working with you was different because of the unique perspective you brought to our conversations. I now have a deeper understanding of the patterns at work in my daily life and relationships.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your services to anyone interested in deeper self-knowledge.

Leah Adams