Engaging Your Three Life-Supporting Instincts

Some say that understanding your Enneagram instinctual subtype (self-preservation, social or sexual) is as or more important than understanding your Enneatype. 

Our dominant instincts can be seen as more potent and fundamental than our types because they spring from our survival strategies and usually take precedence over our conscious minds. Without our awareness and skill, these energies can inadvertently wreak havoc where they want to bring well-being.

Learning to respect, work with and balance your three instincts can be one of the most empowering moves you can make toward living a fulfilling life.

VITALITY is a six month group experience that will give you access to expert teaching, meaningful community, and practical approaches to work with your own life force to help you thrive in alignment with nature and your best self.

  • Understand the importance and power of the three instinctual drives in your daily life
  • Discover the ways your self-preservation, social and sexual instincts are each trying to support your optimal living
  • See how your instincts may be out of balance and what to do about it
  • Learn to recognize the qualities and obsessions of each of the three instincts in the moment, and how to guide yourself toward their true wishes
  • Break through classic conflict patterns by bridging instinctual concerns
  • Craft a plan to support your true well-being, not the distorted one often served up to you


We will have two one-hour-long live Zoom meetings per month, and you will meet with your learning partner twice or more per month. Time commitment is a minimum of about two hours per week. 

Our weeks will generally flow as follows:

A – Meeting with Sarah for teaching, exercises, deepening opportunities. 

      Daily application/practice on your own

B –  Video teaching from Sarah supporting your practice

      Meet with learning partner to apply learning and practice skills 

      Daily application/practice on your own

C – Meeting with Sarah for Q&A, application of learning  

      Daily application/practice on your own

D – Meet with learning partner to apply learning and practice skills

      Daily application/practice on your own

Two Wednesdays per month 12:30-1:30pm Pacific Time

Six months – June to November 2023

$800 (your monthly cost = less than 1 therapy session per month)


Planned Dates

June 7, 21, July 5, 19, Aug 2, 16 (to be confirmed)

Sep 13, 27, Oct 11, 25, Nov 15, 29