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9 Styles of Being Human

An Introduction to the Enneagram

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An ancient and modern tool that illuminates nine distinct motivations of human behavior, the Enneagram is a map of human diversity that can give you insight to become more aware, compassionate, effective, authentic, and free.

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Sarah Dimock MA MEd LMHC 

I am thrilled to share the power of Enneagram with people, and am especially drawn to working in depth with those who want to use it as a tool of personal transformation. READ MORE

Apply practices right away to “do it differently”

Undo defensive reactions; Reconnect to your wise self

Find opportunity for growth in conflict

Meet the moment in a grounded, openhearted, fresh way


Practical Exercises * Provocative Questions


I have been “working” on myself for 25 years. I have tried all manner of spiritual disciplines and traditions. I have worked with a variety of practitioners and psychotherapists. If you are looking for someone to do deep, effective and transformative work, look no further than Sarah Walston.   –Quinn F


I am a kind of an inner-life warrior and I heartily endorse Sarah as a coach.

I think everyone could benefit from working with Sarah, especially counselors and Enneagram teachers or anyone into growth work of any kind. Too bad there aren’t more Sarahs.

Sarah is gifted in taking me where I have not yet gone and might not if left on my own. I love how non-judgmental she is, and her support for telling the truth in difficult circumstances.  READ MORE

John R. Amos, JCD, STL, MDiv

Canon Lawyer and Riso-Hudson Certified Enneagram Teacher


Working with you has been positively lifechanging. I’ve been to and around a number of different types of therapists, and IMHO, you are the best dang therapist in the whole wide world!  

I feel far more ‘integrated’ than ever before, in a way that is difficult to put into words, but is extremely powerful, and lasting. I feel clearer and more capable of tapping into my truest self. I am able to hold the immensity of feeling and life challenges in a stronger way that is less overwhelming than before.

…Not only are you gifted in this work, you are always thoughtful, kind and attentive to my needs in the best possible way. I always feel calmer, clearer, and stronger after a session with you, despite where I am on my journey towards balance and healing.

I’ve also learned how my limiting beliefs were just things I was taught, but which are not in any way Truths to live by. I’ve also been shown how the dismantling of such limiting beliefs is extremely healing and liberating. To have been guided through these revelations in your supportive presence at a rate that I can graciously assimilate is something I appreciate beyond measure.  READ MORE

— Aristana


Never having been to “couple’s counseling” before, we were a bit fearful of the process.  T. was dubious of committing to the enneagram or “a method.”

Sarah was able to help us “translate” what each of our types are trying to express to each other. She helped us to interrupt our patterns so that we can move forward with better communication.

Through this, we’ve been able to ground ourselves in our strengths, and more easily forgive our weaknesses while we learn to share ourselves with each other more openly.

We would recommend Sarah to anyone who feels stuck in patterns of behavior.  She is warm, thoughtful, encouraging, and a skilled listener.   READ MORE 

— LJ and TC

Sarah stands out as someone with a thorough and detailed understanding of the Enneagram who has the capacity to transmit her understanding of the 9 types to others with compassion, grace and a delightful sense of humor. 

Sarah demonstrates mastery of the depth and complexity of the system with its various levels, including work with the Passion to Virtue conversion process and the Holy Ideas.   READ MORE

-–Renie Hope, LMHC: Therapist, Enneagram and Diamond Approach Teacher