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Ninesight offers coaching, training and inspiration for those who want to leverage the power of the Enneagram for their personal development and freedom. 

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Free Relationship Handbook

  • Apply practices right away to “do it differently”
  • Undo defensive reactions and reconnect to your wise self
  • Find opportunity for growth in conflict
  • Meet the moment in a grounded, openhearted, fresh way

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Sarah Dimock


I strive to be articulate, compassionate and “appropriately provocative,” as I aim to evoke the highest capacity of everyone I work with. I am thrilled to share the power of Enneagram with people, and am especially drawn to working in depth with those who want to use it as a tool of personal transformation.

I help people integrate and apply the powerful insights the enneagram offers.  I do trainings for groups (usually leadership teams or organizations), offer workshops/groups, and provide coaching for individuals and couples to up-level their self-awareness, compassion, and sense of agency in working with their own patterns and their relationships with others.

Sarah Dimmock - Ninesight Enneagram for Transformation

The Enneagram

The Enneagram is a “power tool” for self-awareness, compassion, leadership and personal development.

Enneagram in Greek means nine pointed diagram.  This symbol and the system of knowledge associated with it are both known as the Enneagram.  It is a modern synthesis of many ancient wisdom traditions and is informed by the best of modern psychology.

Today it is usually taught as a system of looking at nine distinct human personality lenses.  However, it is also said to represent much broader patterns of creation and development at every level of life.

For many, learning the Enneagram leads to dramatically increased self-awareness, more compassion for others, more effectiveness at work, accelerated personal growth, and more satisfying relationships.

New Enneagram Program: Beyond "What's Your Type, Baby?"

Beyond What's Your Type Enneagram Course

You are far more than your personality patterns. Beyond “What’s Your Type, Baby?” is a video series where you will learn to identify your patterns and also understand the opportunity of moving beyond them. The Enneagram is more than a cute party-trick personality typology. It has the potential to radically leverage your self-awareness and transform patterns that keep you from your best life.

Enneagram Offerings

Transformational Coaching

I combine deep understanding with powerful methods to help you dissolve inner obstacles and develop the ability to meet life with creativity and resourcefulness.

Training & Consulting

Ninesight can help your organization or business develop more self-aware and effective leaders and group members.

Courses, Groups & Workshops

Courses include 9 Styles of Being Human: an Introduction to the Enneagram and Cultivating Emotional Wisdom.

Online Enneagram Deepening Groups

Vitality - Enneagram Workshop - Ninesight



A Group for Enneagram Enthusiasts Ready to Walk the Talk

Apply the insights of the Enneagram in your daily life.  Find ways to turn toward your “stuck” places and free up new pathways.  Exercises and discussion bring essential principles forward to help us integrate the wisdom of the Enneagram in the face of life’s challenges. Manage your reactivity with grace and open to your best self.

Capacity - Enneagram Workshop - Ninesight


A few spots left!

Engaging Your Three Life-Supporting Instincts

Learning to respect, work with and balance your three instincts (self-preservation, social and sexual) can be one of the most empowering moves you can make toward living a fulfilling life.  Learn to avoid the pitfalls and frustrations our instinctual subtypes can inadvertently cook up.  Teaching, exercises and discussion will support you in working with your own life force to help you thrive in alignment with nature and your best self. 

Deeply Human - Enneagram Workshop - Ninesight


A few spots left!

Cultivating Emotional Wisdom with the Enneagram

Have your emotions instead of letting them have you!  Emotions are essential for our well-being, but most of us struggle to effectively be with and work with our aversive emotions.  We may either over-identify with or try to avoid our feelings, having us miss out on their transformative potential.  Learn practices to host your emotions consciously— with respect and care.  Using our three centers, we will learn to reach beyond our usual strategies to experience ourselves in fresh, generative ways!


  • Have you ever wondered what really makes you tick?
  • And what about those other mysterious people in your life?
  • Are you ready to understand how you get in your own way?
  • Do you want to know yourself at a deeper level?
  • Are you ready for a breakthrough in your relationships?
  • Do you want to leverage your personal or spiritual growth?
  • Are you tired of repeating old patterns that don’t serve you anymore?
Yes? Then meet The Enneagram – Your Self-Awareness and Relationship Power Tool!
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