The Courage to Stop Hiding From Your Truth

Woman with backpack representing Enneagram Transformation

It can take awhile to accept that turning toward our trouble is necessary for a wholehearted life. But once we understand that concealing or bypassing our difficult emotions doesn’t help in the long run, we who are drawn to grow and heal are faced with learning how to turn toward them in ways that do […]

The Trouble with Turning from Trouble: Are You Running in the Wrong Direction?

Despair? It’s horrible.   Helplessness? Absolutely not. Get me out of here. Betrayal? No way! I spend all my energy staying away from that! Inherent in each of our personalities is a persistent approach to try to not feel upset in particular ways.  We don’t want to feel alone, wrong, worthless, powerless, helpless, incapable, trapped or […]

Inner Work as an Extreme Sport

Bungee Jumping representing Inner Work as an Extreme Sport

Does the idea of skydiving, ice climbing, or drag racing intimidate you? Or thrill you? Or both? Do you dread the thought of heading into the wilderness of your emotions and sensations? Or do you long to immerse yourself in them? Or both? Navel Gazing and Bungee Jumping It could be said that we humans are organized […]

A Bumper Sticker for Your Consciousness

Cute tiny red French car

Here’s a short video where I share a story and reflections on how we can open to something more than the identities we usually define ourselves by. I hope you enjoy!

Post-Truth? Enneagram as Balm for Postmodern Angst

There’s been a lot of stir in the US lately about “fake news” and “alternative facts.” Not too many decades ago, people could relax to a certain degree into a defined religious, scientific, or other worldview and assume that it was substantial. Real. Since then Western cultures have undergone ideological deconstruction and entered a postmodern […]

Not Navel-Gazing: How the Enneagram Can Change the World

As someone drawn to working with the depths of our inner territory, I want my devotion to development to be relevant and helpful in the context of practical life and collective troubles. I don’t want my reflection to be a way of disengaging or bypassing what’s happening around me. These questions rise up: Why would […]

BRAVE HEART! What Your Relationship is Really Asking of You

An unidentifiable boy joyfully leaps into a lake at sunset.

What if you’ve been missing the memo that your relationship has been trying to broadcast to you? What if all those annoying things about your dynamics and your partner are actually here to help you grow? In this article, we’ll look at how modern relationships present us with new developmental opportunities, ones than most people […]

Satisfy My Soul: 4 Practices to Transcend Enneagram Relationship Paradoxes

Enneagram and heartache

Why is it that when I try harder in relationship, it can make things worse? Why when we care about each other, do we keep hurting each other in the same ways? Our Enneagram types can, by their very architecture, keep us dissatisfied and in conflict in relationship. At least when they are on auto-pilot. […]

Can’t Get No Satisfaction? 9 Paradoxes in Relationship

Boys fighting in water

Why did I choose this person? It seems they are here just to push my buttons! No matter what I try, they won’t respond the way I want! Do they even care about me? Why can’t I figure this out?  What’s wrong with me? Have you ever had a thought like this dart through your […]

An Alternative to Hating Hate?

A confession: I used to hate hatred. It’s not that I enjoy hate now, but I see it differently. I wanted to offer you some reflections on this with the hope that they may be of use to you when you are facing your own or others’ hatred. Hating Hatred A paradox in my Enneagram […]