Are You My Type? Enneagram Compatibility

happy couple, enneagram and relationships

In love, how much does compatibility matter? A conclusion you’ve probably heard during break ups is this: “We were ultimately just not compatible.” This could mean any number of things. That matter-of-fact sounding conclusion could mean: We annoyed each other so much that we stopped feeling fondness toward each other. We realized that we didn’t […]

Seeing Past the Lies We Tell Ourselves – Enneagram as Lie Detector

enneagram as lie detector

I’ve only seen lie detector tests in movies. I think they work by somehow measuring whether you believe what you are saying. If that is the case, a polygraph would not be helpful in revealing the lies that we believe about ourselves. Don’t worry, we have our friend the Enneagram to act as an instrument […]

How Do You Know What’s True for You?

enneagram and truth

In exploring “telling the truth on myself” it isn’t always straightforward to understand what’s true for me.  Sometimes it’s easier to start with determine what’s not true.I might believe that something is true for me that is simply conditioned by my Enneagram type and/or my upbringing.  Is that true?  Is it necessarily not true? In this […]

A Provocative Question for You

man reflecting at lake's edge representing enneagram and fear

In this short video, I offer a provocative question for you. This question rocked my world many years ago. And I found it in a most unlikely place. This question woke me up to my soul’s longing, my ego’s fears and the capacity to be aware of them both at the same time. Let’s see […]

What to Do When Life is Difficult: 9 Blocks to Remembering the Truth 

enneagram and striving

When things are difficult in our lives, we can be run even more tightly by our enneagram type patterns. Challenging times can also bring out the less enjoyable traits of our types. Of course difficulty can bring out the best in us as well, but this is more likely when we have some awareness of […]

Eight’s Conundrum: Tigers with Butterflies

Enneagram Burning Question: I need help with how my style can feel intimidating to others. I love to argue and wrestle with an issue and some people find great engagement with that style. Others don’t. I need more tools in my tool box right now.  Do you have any suggestions? I find the best way […]

Your Naked Aliveness

Woman swimming

Aliveness is ready and waiting for us! But what are the conditions that invite us to show up for it? What supports us to dive in? The summer before I turned 14, I had a soul-expanding experience that holds some clues for me in answering these questions. It also reminds me of what gets in […]

The Trap of Self-Improvement

One of the greatest temptations in working with our enneatypes is to judge or blame ourselves for having them. This is common, but futile. We all have types and we all have judgments. And we all have something more than either of these. David Daniels MD holds that acceptance is the most difficult aspect of awareness […]

How to Disrupt Business as Usual

Mindfulness is a buzz-word these days, with doctors, healers, coaches, and gurus all touting its benefits. But it can be so hard to remember to be mindful. You’ll likely agree that awareness practice sounds like a good idea, but that you’ll get to it later when you have time to focus. I’ve made that move. […]

Seven’s Suffering

Endless possibilities sign representing enneatype 7

Enneagram Burning Question: I own my own business which has many elements to it already onsite and offsite, and I have begun developing it in new ways, including toward an online nationwide audience.   I am able to create visions of swimming success in each area of the business. And yet, by myself, I am […]