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How Do You Know What’s True for You?

In exploring “telling the truth on myself” it isn’t always straightforward to understand what’s true for me.  Sometimes it’s easier to start with determine what’s not true.I might believe that something is true for me that is simply conditioned by my Enneagram type and/or my upbringing.  Is that true?  Is it necessarily not true?

In this video, I offer a couple of thoughts on the slippery nature of understanding what’s true. I also offer a poem that can support our separating out what “big ideas” we take to be true, and an invitation for your discovering this for yourself.

2 Responses

  1. Sarah,

    Thanks so much for the videos! It’s great to see your smiling face and hear your message.
    I’m living in the West Bank with not a lot of opportunity for Enneagram groups, etc. so
    I value your emails and videos. This one was a good reminder to notice what I take to be
    “true” and check its validity.

    Happy (early) Halloween,
    Kelle Mason

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