man reflecting at lake's edge representing enneagram and fear

A Provocative Question for You

In this short video, I offer a provocative question for you. This question rocked my world many years ago. And I found it in a most unlikely place.

This question woke me up to my soul’s longing, my ego’s fears and the capacity to be aware of them both at the same time. Let’s see what it does for you.


11 Responses

  1. Nice. I stopped the video at 1:38 and did a free write. I found that at first I wanted to meet the question with a much younger version of myself. From there I wanted to change the question to “What are you afraid of?” then “What do you really want to be doing now?” The inquiry morphed into HOW would I BE. The answers being in the realm of “staying present in the moment,” “listening better,” “being more curious,” “welcoming what seems foreign.” All that went to a much more grounded stance of being with the current political happenings. Examining my inner-trump and questioning the establishillary.

    1. Lovely, Laura. I love the “How would I BE…” It’s really the heart of it. And sometimes the being makes plain the next doing. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Can I fit the “How would I BE” in the life I have now….what are the adjustments that would be made…so many questions. If I chose an action that I normally would not do, because I was afraid … What if the outcome isn’t good. There’s my fear again. I’ve asked myself this question before, but this time it hit me in a very different, deeper way.

    1. Right. The question is intended mainly to open up our thinking. Once we discover what we’re afraid of, it doesn’t mean we should go out and do that thing to defy the fear. Sometimes that may be what’s needed, but often just sitting in between the conditioned response and the call to living into our bigger selves has plenty of juice all by itself. Thanks for sharing.

  3. This is great. (Wish I had stopped the video like Laura above and sat with it longer.) My immediate gut response to better ask for what I need from my husband, yikes, be more vulnerable and my heart actually sped up! But then Noooo ego says noooo can’t go there. The awareness of this physical response was really something. And yes, you are so right, this was my inner observer feeling, noticing, being awake to all of this!! Thank you!!!

    1. Thanks for sharing, Jeanmarie. I love how you can notice the sensations and the resistance. This can change the whole game!

  4. My initial reaction was to think of a number of things that are daring, edgy, thrilling. I’m learning, and curious, if that is my type, and a reaction to fear of loneliness, boredom, and the mundane. Then I find myself wanting to answer and consider the question rightly, fittingly, properly. Yes, the thoughts, sensations, and resistance are stimulated.

    1. I appreciate your observations and curiosity beyond type-tendencies, and your honesty. Hanging out with resistance is often not “fun,” but can lead to different kind of thrill and adventure.

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