Turning Toward Your Trouble (Part 3)

Responding to Reactivity (Part 3 of 4) “You’re pushing my buttons!”   Most of us hate the experience of having our buttons pushed.  We can feel helpless, out of control, young, and desperate to stop whatever’s disturbing us.  Someone else’s

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Essential #1 to Rock Your Inner Work (Part 2)

You’ve heard the adage, “Awareness is the first step.”  In inner work, this is also true.  Without conscious awareness, we can have the intention and desire to do things differently and effectively no keel in our boat— nothing to keep

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Three Keys for Inner Work (Part 1)

As powerful as it can be to learn about your enneatype, it can be confounding to know how to do things differently.  While the promise of the Enneagram is great in opening doors beyond “who we take ourselves to be,”

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Rosetta Stone close up

Your Relationship Rosetta Stone

It’s all about you, but it’s not personal. The quality of our relationships can determine so much for us.  Whether we feel appreciated, respected, content, enlivened and safe— or whether we don’t— can make or break our experience.  Even those

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