How to Disrupt Business as Usual

Mindfulness is a buzz-word these days, with doctors, healers, coaches, and gurus all touting its benefits. But it can be so hard to remember to be mindful. You’ll likely agree that awareness practice sounds like a good idea, but that

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Endless possibilities sign representing enneatype 7

Seven’s Suffering

Enneagram Burning Question: I own my own business which has many elements to it already onsite and offsite, and I have begun developing it in new ways, including toward an online nationwide audience.   I am able to create visions

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Open Book

#4 Mistake to Avoid in Using the Enneagram

Mistake #4: Believing Your Type’s Interpretation We all believe our enneatype’s interpretations out of habit and out of the deep patterns our type structure has grooved into our minds.  So why is it a mistake to believe them? Having a type is not

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Large and Small Pineapples - enneatype comparisons

#3 of 4 Mistakes to Avoid Using the Enneagram

Mistake #3: Better Than – Less Than As humans, we are all prey to the comparison game.  Sometimes we feel we are better than others.  Other times we feel “less than” either in a particular aspect (physique, status, morals, etc.), or evaluating our

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How Your Type is Blocking You from Love

“I am struck by how sharing our weakness and difficulties is more nourishing to others than sharing our qualities and successes.”    –– Jean Vanier Do you spend a lot of time in your significant relationships feeling disconnected, hurt, avoidant

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