An Alternative to Hating Hate?

A confession: I used to hate hatred. It’s not that I enjoy hate now, but I see it differently. I wanted to offer you some reflections on this with the hope that they may be of use to you when

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happy couple, enneagram and relationships

Are You My Type? Enneagram Compatibility

In love, how much does compatibility matter? A conclusion you’ve probably heard during break ups is this: “We were ultimately just not compatible.” This could mean any number of things. That matter-of-fact sounding conclusion could mean: We annoyed each other

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enneagram and truth

How Do You Know What’s True for You?

In exploring “telling the truth on myself” it isn’t always straightforward to understand what’s true for me.  Sometimes it’s easier to start with determine what’s not true.I might believe that something is true for me that is simply conditioned by

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man reflecting at lake's edge representing enneagram and fear

A Provocative Question for You

In this short video, I offer a provocative question for you. This question rocked my world many years ago. And I found it in a most unlikely place. This question woke me up to my soul’s longing, my ego’s fears

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Woman swimming

Your Naked Aliveness

Aliveness is ready and waiting for us! But what are the conditions that invite us to show up for it? What supports us to dive in? The summer before I turned 14, I had a soul-expanding experience that holds some

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The Trap of Self-Improvement

One of the greatest temptations in working with our enneatypes is to judge or blame ourselves for having them. This is common, but futile. We all have types and we all have judgments. And we all have something more than

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